Hi my Name is INIK and I am an electronic music painter.

As a teenager I have also started to do street art and learned how to paint with spray paint. But the best feeling was, when I was painting and listening to music at the same time. 

So over the years I began to paint more and more on canvases and the paintings started to become more and more abstract.


So I have had the idea not just to listen to music and paint. I wanted to paint with the sound. 

So I started to build a "Sound Color Machine". I synced every sound pad from my machine to a color. So when I play a sound the color falls out of the bottle onto the canvas or onto an acrylic glass in the rhythm and intensity of the music.


To me this is the freest and coolest form of painting. Because I am able to fuse electronic music and paint in a very natural way. One special fact about my creative process is that I never actually touch any paint. I paint with sound. Usually when one plays in a club or at a festival there is nothing physically left at the end. After a session I have a painting as a result. And it looks different every time, just as every lived moment is unique. It is the color of sound.

About INIK

INIK is an abstract artist best known for his colorful music paintings. His unique use of color, triggered by music is a completely new way of making art.

It's called "Electronic Music Painting"

Sound Mixer-Regler

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Sound Mixer-Regler

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Maschine Painting Mix