The interplay of sound and colour is at the heart of Swiss  contemporary expressionist painter INIK’s artwork.


INIK is a lover and producer of electronic music. Having been  introduced to the genre during his teenage years, it has played  an influential role in his life and art.


The method for creating his artworks, which he calls ‘electronic  music painting’, is refreshing and innovative. To apply paint to  the canvas, or acrylic glass panels, he uses his  beat colour machine. The beat colour machine is a device that  INIK personally engineered. The machine is connected to INIK’s  midi sampler or keyboard, releasing paint on to the canvas  from a range of silos containing paint from above. Every colour  is assigned a note or sample. When a particular note or sample  is played, the paint is released from the silo and energetically dropped onto the canvas resting below. When the set has  ended, a compelling visualisation of the music that played is  produced. INIK’s artworks encapsulate the rhythm, drama and  intensity of the sounds that he produces without ever actually  handling the paint. 

“When an artist plays in a club or at a festival, there is nothing  physically left at the end. After I finish a set, I have an artwork that  visually documents the experience. It looks different every time,  just as every lived moment is unique."